Best Way to Potty Train a dog (How I achieve it and my secret)

Help! My house is full of the smell of pee and shit, potty train is required

You must face the same situation when you raise a dog, it urine or shit everywhere, timber floor, sofa, bed, woo, those are the facts that troubles you. So what should you do then?

Your answer should not be “leave it be”, you can’t tell or command them to go to the loo before you train them and most important is you need to live with them for the next 15year…

Hiring a professional trainer will cost you much

Get your dog to go toilet by self or fetch the papers for you in the morning, that will not take a long time, just a week if you could follow my instructions of potty train correctly.

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Introduction of potty train the dog

Potty train or house-training a dog is one of the most difficult tasks in owning a dog. Dog owners get agitated when dogs are not well potty trained to make it one of the leading reasons dogs are given up to shelters. Potty train a dog requires commitment, consistency and patience. Accidents will occur, but with the strict best way to potty train a dog guidelines, the dog will be house-trained in a short period of time.

So I will give the best way to potty train a dog next

First of all, these based on what I learned after reading this amazing method that gave me amazing achievement between me and my dog.

Establish a schedule

To attain the best way to potty train a dog, you need to establish a regular routine. This will help the dog learn there are times to do its business. In most cases, puppies can hold their bladder up to two hours. This factor should be taken into account when potty train a dog. Take your dog outside as frequently as every two hours. To ensure that fewer accidents happen one should also take their dog out when they wake up, before and after exercise or playing, and after feeding them.

Establishing a schedule also goes for feeding. This will help to create a regular schedule to relieve themselves. When one establishes a feeding routine, consistency in the eliminating is also established, thus making potty training easier. When it comes to drinking water, the water dish should be removed two hours before going to bed. Most dog and puppies can sleep for over seven hours without the need to relieve themselves. If they wake up, take them outside and make sure you don’t play with them to ensure they continue sleeping afterward.

Pick a designated spot

The best way to potty train a dog will also include picking a specific outside spot. You can also come up with a word or phrase to establish what you want them to do. After relieving themselves outside you need to reward this behavior, praise their good behavior or use treats immediately after they are done. Rewarding enables the dog to understand expected conduct. You should also make sure that puppies are done before giving them a treat or praising them since they are easily distracted and might not finish.

Observe your dog or puppy

During potty train a dog you need to ensure they don’t soil indoors. Ensure that they are mostly nearby during the training period. Learn to observe indications of relieving themselves, look for restlessness, barking, scratching the door, circling around you, or squatting. When you observe any indication of relieve, use the leash and guide them to the outdoor spot. During the potty training period, you should also control the dog’s movement indoors and in the yard using a leash. This should be useful until you are satisfied with the results or ascertained that they are reliably potty trained.

Interrupt indoor relieving

During the potty training period, accidents will happen, the most important thing will be to intersect. This can be achieved by making noise and commanding them to go outside. Establish the command by using phrases like “outside” or “out”. Immediately take them to the bathroom spot and reward them with praise or a treat after they are finished. Do not scare or punish the dog for accidentally eliminating in the house. Clean up the soiled area and be patient with the potty train process. Any form of scolding or punishment is not advisable and might delay the process as they avoid eliminating in your presence. Thoroughly clean the area they relieved themselves as dogs tend to eliminate in areas they smell urine. The higher the number of relieves in the house the longer it will take to potty train a dog.

Plan for when you are away.

The entire dog Potty training process relies on availability. Before owning a puppy you should ensure that you are not gone for more than four hours a day. Alternatively, an older potty trained dog will be more suitable. If you have a puppy and have to be gone for more than four hours, ask for the help of a neighbor or professional. This will help you keep the bathroom break schedule. An alternative to this is to potty train them to use a specific spot in the house, which will be devastating to the outside training process. Puppies will often stick to behaviors, such as relieving on newspapers, as adults.

Alternative to outdoor potty train a dog

If a yard is not available and you wish to paper-train your dog use a specific area. This will ensure that the dog does not soil on any newspaper that is lying around. The section that you pick to potty train a dog should be part of a room that is big enough to sleep and play in. Using a sod box or newspaper will help the dog establish the location. Sod boxes can be made from large plastic containers or bought from pet stores. Clean-up also applies when using this method. You can use the soiled paper or rag to mark the potty area since puppies will often prefer relieving in areas with the scent of urine.

best way to potty train a dog

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Never say no when training your dog, that will not be a good way.

Never Say No

Never trying to say “no” during training. The word is easy to say from our mouth, but it does not help us much.

best way to potty train a dog

How to do

This is especially important for the training tasks in our book because our challenge is to let the dog think. When we want to say “no” during training, we can’t tell the dog what our real instructions are. And we must not punish dogs because of their incompetence, especially in the potty training. In most cases, a special “wrong” signal is useless (with some exceptions). If the dog is really doing something wrong, the best way to react is to try to ignore this mistake, which means that you don’t do any effective food rewards in 2~3 seconds.

During the training process, you should constantly consider how to be as effective as possible. Make food rewards for the actions the dog makes. This should not only allow the dog to improve the quality of the action, but also make it easier for both of you to complete the task. For example: If you want the dog to complete the task quietly, don’t throw the ball to reward it. If it’s done unexpectedly well, you can do this in the training gap, giving it a special surprise. Also, consider what state the dog is in when making food rewards. In general, it is effective to have a food reward when the dog is in good posture and is ready to start the next exercise. So we patted it to signal action and fed it to indicate the action. It is also important to distinguish between different types of food rewards. The result of an excellent effort should be rewarded with food that the dog likes very much, and good performance should be rewarded with the food it prefers. If even if the dog’s performance is different, you give it the same food as a reward, it will not understand what you want it to do.

Mastering Rhythm Skills

One of the most important skills in the training process is the skill of mastering the rhythm. You need to practice constantly to improve your skills in mastering the rhythm. Everyone can work hard to improve their own rhythm skills! The best way to practice mastery of rhythm skills is not to practice with the dog. It would be very interesting if you practiced with a human partner. For example, every time your partner touches the left ear with his right index finger, you can take a hand. Or your training partner can touch different parts of the head with different fingers. He can start slower at the beginning and then accelerate to match your abilities. Or you can record a sporting event such as football or tennis. Whenever the ball is in contact with a person, try to pause the recording. For example, when a football player kicks a ball, press pause or when the tennis racket hits the tennis ball, press pause, and the like.


These little games can help you improve your observation and ability to master the rhythm, which can help your training. 1000 training methods A thousand kinds of training methods I often say: “There are 1000 possible ways to teach a dog behavior. Of these, 500 are not used because they are inhuman, but there are 500 more training methods. We are The training methods explained here are not unique, there are 499 more training methods.” Such a view also applies to the behavior of training dogs in this book. I can’t imagine how to train them with violence because we want dogs that can think. You can’t use violence to make them think, and violence can only obey them. So my wish is that this book encourages people to think in mind while training dogs, not violence.

Five tricks for potty train a dog

First trick: Get up earlier than the dog, sleep later than the dog. Before the dog gets up and defecates, the dog owner will wake up and take him to the place where defecation is made, so he can’t sleep late.~

Second trick: life is ceaseless, exercise not only dogs after exercise will generally have the habit of defecation, so walking the dog is essential, but also let it develop the habit of outdoor defecation.~

Third trick: The alarm clock rings, rewarding the dog to eat and drink water, almost 15 minutes will have strong thunder defecation desire, so we must take it to the designated defecation position within 15 minutes, and after defecation, give it a strong reward, such as food, toys and so on.

Fourth trick: eat and sleep together and go to the toilet. Don’t leave the dog alone in the place where he defecates. This kind of environment will bring pressure to him. After defecation, give him timely reward.

Fifth trick: dog needs to go on a diet, especially at night.

Hope everyone here could train your lovely dog well.

Share with you a story of someone to potty train a dog, maybe it is best way to you.

Here’s a brief talk with you about the major steps of the potty train schedule. Follow me step by step, and you’ll find that it’s really very simple.

best way to potty train a dog


Prepare the following items: a fixed place for urination (with a pad).

In the beginning, it’s better not to change the position.

– Some rewarding small snack

– Deodorant 

– A good-tempered,

– You need to be patient.


Generally speaking, the accurate excretion time points, and dogs have strong commonalities in excretion time points. You can refer to the following list: after getting up in the morning: possibility 100%. Dogs in deep sleep at night will naturally suffocate urine. Wake up in the morning, and there will be a strong sense of urine and stool. After waking up, the probability of urination is almost 100% depending on whether you have eaten before. When drinking water: the possibility of urination is higher, but it depends on whether there is urination in a short time. Within half an hour after meals: urine is uncertain, but feces are highly probable. Smell the floor hard, even when turning the circle: up to 90%. Unjustified roaring: There are many reasons for general roaring. We need to determine whether it is possible to cause roaring because we want to defecate, but the environment is not satisfied, such as too long in the airbox.

Two methods

There are two ways to potty train a dog, pad: nowhere to go, that is, when it wants to excrete, it has nowhere to go except the toilet location you choose. You can hold it directly to the toilet/mattress and use a simple fence (or other obstacles) to prevent it from leaving the toilet/mattress so that it can excrete in a short time because it has nowhere to go but in the place you choose. Guidance: You stand by the toilet and guide it to the toilet/mat. This method will be the most commonly used after, but in the beginning, the dog may not be able to reach you directly because it can’t hold its urine or don’t understand your intentions, leading to failure, you can use the first method to consolidate.


Waiting for the dog to excrete must be patient. At first, the dog will be at a loss because of confusion. It may stare at you in the toilet or walk around waiting for your command. What you need to do is to wait patiently until its urination goes beyond reason. Of course, the waiting time can be long or short, which requires you to accurately grasp the time it wants to go to the toilet, the more accurate the grasp, the shorter the waiting time, will be twice the result with half the effort.

Gently command

At the same time, gently encourage it to say “come, go to the toilet”, “urine here” in a gentle tone, giving it a calm and mild environment. Note: Don’t let it get too excited or urge it not to frighten it that the above actions will disturb the whole process and make it have a wrong understanding of excretion.

If it succeeds, reward it as soon as it succeeds in excreting at a designated place. Rewards can be: dog food or some common attractive snacks – suitable for the new puppy’s praise/caress – suitable for the owners have established a strong sense of dependence and trust in the dog has a study on the dog’s brain pleasure performance statistics, found that most dogs for the master’s praise/caress and food have the same performance. The excitement, that is to say, not all rewards must be food. But this fact is based on the fact that the dog and the owner have built up a good sense of intimacy and trust. If this condition is not established, the owner’s praise can’t be encouraged. So my suggestion is that for new puppies, they need food.

What can we do if fail to potty train

If we fail, keep quiet and work silently, how to correctly handle our behavior when we fail is also a necessary lesson to it succeed next time. We must make sure that there are no emotional changes, no anger, no blame, no depression, and treat it with a normal mind. It must be mentioned that dogs are innumerable times more sensitive than humans to emotions because they have far more sense of hearing and smell than humans. Your mood changes are completely felt and projected on itself. Don’t catch it in the wrong place, scold or scold it severely. Or don’t let it have negative associations about excretion, or it’s prone to the common habit of the dog eating shit (because it will quickly eliminate what the owner doesn’t like).

Repeated training to improve the accuracy rate needs to reach 80% or more. That is to say, every five urines, at least four accurate urines are in the place you expect.

Gradually reduce the toilet/pad area, which can be used in larger areas at first, and then reduce the area size as the effect gets better and better. Most dogs eventually need only one diaper to defecate.

Effective way to train your dog, quickly potty train.

best way to potty train a dog

A dog is like a mirror of its owner. If one gets frustrated or becomes impatient with the training process, then their dog will be impatient as well. However, dog training is a skill of its own. Puppies can be trained right from the moment they’re brought home. Most puppies are quick learners and can handle socialization quickly than others. Although puppies commonly have a very short attention span, they can still be taught simple commands like sit, go or come as from 6-8 weeks old. Traditionally, dog training used to be delayed for up to six months. Delaying dog training could imply missed skills and such a dog will most likely not to behave as expected. In fact, by then they’d have picked up some undesirable manners.

Potty Training a Dog

Potty training young puppies can be tricky because they can barely control their bladders and colons. They can eliminate anytime without warning. Therefore, every owner should be prepared not to get angry but be ready to do cleaning from time to time. Below is a guide on the best way to potty train a dog.

Know when the puppy needs to eliminate

Most puppies will eliminate 15-20 minutes after eating. It is upon the owner to understand the behavior of their dogs by observing any signs of incoming defecation. Prior to eliminating, a puppy will sniff around, squat, and walk in a circle. Such a behavior is a sign that the dog is looking for a place to expel. This is the right time to take them to specified places where they can empty their bowels. Owners are also advised to take their puppies out to eliminate every morning preferably 30 minutes prior to feeding. The other key thing to consider is adopting a regular feeding program. It makes it easy for the owner to know when a puppy wants to poop.

Design a den for them

Naturally, dogs don’t spoil their sleeping areas. They will look for a spot away from their dens to do their business. As part of the potty training, the owner should invest in creating a small sleeping space like a crate. This can help them learn how to control their bladder and colon. A puppy can only be taken out when they want to relieve and with time, the den can then be moved elsewhere in the house. Such a move helps them feel trustworthy while enjoying their freedom.

Make them know the toilet

It’s good to make a designated point in the yard or garden where the dog can finish their job every time they want to. In the case of normal accidents, owners should be prepared to clean out the messes thoroughly. Dogs are normally attracted to urinate and would excrete on same spots where they relieved themselves earlier. Cleaning up the spot lightly can motivate them to refresh and repeat the same mistake. A thorough cleaning can help to discourage them and they’ll find alternative spots. For accidental potties, the owner can interrupt them by clapping loudly. This helps them understand they’ve done a mistake. Dog owners are advised to closely supervise the actions of their dogs. If one is not at home to monitor them, then they can find someone else to help.

Punishing can worsen things

The last thing a pet owner can do is to punish a dog for misbehaving. Punishing puts a dog in fears and this can worsen potty training. Accidents are common and can happen due to incomplete potty training or change

of environment. Training should continue regardless of whether a dog does an accident or not.

Do’s in dog potty training

• Stay outside longer to reduce common indoor accidents. • Interrupt the dog in case of misbehavior by clapping. • Clean up common accidents thoroughly to deter the dog from repeating the same act on the same spots. Enzymatic cleaners are good for cleaning. • Closely supervise the dog’s behavior.

Things to avoid during dog potty training

• Yelling or getting angry at a puppy that has already defecated on a wrong spot. • Punishing a dog for potty accidents. • Ignoring obvious signs that the dog wants to potty. These could be sniffing, squatting, moving in circles or any other sign of attention. • Irregular feeding patterns. This affects their potty times.


Potty training is a critical skill for every pet owner. Although it can prove to be a challenge to train young puppies, understanding the best way to potty train a dog can make the entire process quite simple. Among the things to consider include understanding a dog’s behavior by knowing when they want to eliminate, making them know the toilet, designing a den for them and rewarding for good behavior.

Basic training tips and potty train a dog

First of all, the purpose of training or potty train a dog is not only to make the dog obedient but also to build more trust and communication with the dog and form a healthy interaction relationship.

There are many ways to train and potty train a dog, and the best way is the suitable one for you, I will share some of them here, including the basic potty train a dog. First of all, I absolutely against using electric collars, suffocating collars, or beating. For most dogs, this can only temporarily stop bad behavior based on fear. It can not let them know the reasons for making mistakes, in the long run, it is possible to develop aggressive behavior. For example, you don’t let the dog urinate on the sofa, it behaves well in front of people, but once the owner leaves, he intentionally goes to urinate. There must be a lot of love and patience in dog training, all your efforts will be rewarded.

Considering the breed and character of the dog, some dogs have a quick acceptance, such as Labrador, Border shepherd, and German shepherd. They can learn easily but some are not. Therefore, you should know your dog, give it love and patience.

The simplest and most important actions are come, sit, lay down. These actions are the basis of further training like potty train a dog in the future.


best way to potty train a dog

This is the first command that a puppy needs to know. The way to learn this command is to use it frequently and frequently in different situations. Due to the dogs are not born to resist interference, or they are not born to know when they back return to their owners.
So we start from home, and then gradually to the outside. Call the dog’s name, and add the word “come” or gesture, my gesture is to hook the finger, every time the dog comes, give it a reward, food, praise or touch, pay attention to two points. Firstly, whenever the dog takes the initiative to the owner, praise it, never criticism or even punishment. We need to convey a signal to him that it is a pleasant thing for the dog to be close to you; Secondly, when training outside, don’t call the dog to come and stop playing, instead to call him repeatedly and then go on playing, so that the dog knows that returning to you is not a signal to stop playing.

“Sit down”

best way to potty train a dog

The method is very simple. Take the dog’s favorite food in your hand and put it above the dog’s sight. Then the dog will look back at the food. It will naturally form a sitting position. Every time the dog sits down, you need to say the word “sit”, and then give it the food. It’s better to keep the same gesture so that you can command with the word in the future, or just use gestures. Dogs have a high level of understanding, my dog understood it in a few minutes. Understanding is only the first step, the dog will forget. Which need it practice and consolidate repeatedly. Sometimes some actions will become unfamiliar if they don’t practice for a week. So seize every training opportunity to train it.

“Down” or “Lay”

best way to potty train a dog

Once the dog learns how to sit, it will be simple in the next. When the dog sits down, you hold the food in front of his nose, draws the dog’s attention and starts to guide downward until the food is on the ground. Then the dog follows the food and becomes a lying posture. At this time, you say the “lay” and give it a reward. After that please practice over and over again.

One of the best way to potty train a dog

Dogs can hold their urine for up to six or seven hours after six months old, so it’s normal for them to urinate anywhere before six months. Don’t punish them for this, as they just can’t hold their urine.
Usually, a week can be trained into a habit, the method is to give the dog a strict schedule during the training period, such as every two hours, after each meal to take him to the loo (especially for three months a dog puppy, 10 minutes after meal it is going to urine). You take it to the place where you want him to go to the loo, during it urinates, give him the command “go to the loo” or “toilet”, and give an award to it. If the dog urinates at home accidentally during training, don’t punish it. Clean up and put it in the loo, let the dog smell it and tell it to go toilet. Maybe it is not the best way to potty train a dog, but you can try it.
Because potty train problem usually occurs in puppies, young dogs really need a lot of patience from you. They need companionship, guardianship, and training, just like babies. Here we must advise friends who want to keep dogs to make sure that you have enough time and energy to accompany them during their growing. They are not only cute but also troublesome if they are not given enough training and care, at last, become trouble makers.

Welcome to my potty train dog blog!

Welcome to my potty train dog blog!

I am an extraordinary dog-liked girl, I have raised a Labrador dog last year, at that time it just 4 months old, and now it comes to a smart robust partner.

This is my personal blog and a place for me to share my experience with a quick situation I used on my dog training last year. I am a girl who likes the dog very much, so I want my dog to be smart enough to have more fun with me, also I need to potty train it to get rid of the bad behaviors like urinate everywhere. I suppose your guys who raised the dog must have this kind of confusion.

You might be here to learn the best way to potty train a dog (based on my blog title) or you might be here to just learn some tips and tricks to play with your pet joyfully, yeah, you get the right place.

I used multiple methods to train dog and only one of them worked and that’s something I’m going to talk about in this blog. Beside how I potty train my dog, I’m going to share many other things on this special blog, from feeding tips, feeding diet, game methods and more great tips about training dog.

I love dogs so I like to read and do the research about dog training, one of the reasons I created this training blog is to share everything I find useful with you.

Make sure to check out my latest posts and come back for more training tips in future. You can also contact me if you have any questions about my training methods or if you want to hear more detailed story of how I use the best way to potty train a dog.

For now, I’ll leave you with this video:

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