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best way to potty train a dog

Welcome to my blog! This is where I share my story of the best way to potty train a dog with some simple tricks. It’s important to teach your dog good behaviors as possible when you raise a dog, he/she will stay with you for more than 15 years. This is where you’ll learn to achieve that and play with your dog joyfully, like me and my dog.

Please make sure to subscribe to my blog to get more weekly update about my latest posts, tricks and tips about best way to potty train a dog. My journey started when I got my puppy Rafael, and I need to train him the good behavior like go to the loo.

I successfully achieved it and was able to go to the loo himself in a short time, you can make it happen too and this is what I’m going to share in my blog. I will share potty train methods, feeding diet plans and tips, pre training tips and more improtantly, the best way to potty train a dog with a simple but effective trick.

Stay tuned!