Basic training tips and potty train a dog

First of all, the purpose of training or potty train a dog is not only to make the dog obedient but also to build more trust and communication with the dog and form a healthy interaction relationship.

There are many ways to train and potty train a dog, and the best way is the suitable one for you, I will share some of them here, including the basic potty train a dog. First of all, I absolutely against using electric collars, suffocating collars, or beating. For most dogs, this can only temporarily stop bad behavior based on fear. It can not let them know the reasons for making mistakes, in the long run, it is possible to develop aggressive behavior. For example, you don’t let the dog urinate on the sofa, it behaves well in front of people, but once the owner leaves, he intentionally goes to urinate. There must be a lot of love and patience in dog training, all your efforts will be rewarded.

Considering the breed and character of the dog, some dogs have a quick acceptance, such as Labrador, Border shepherd, and German shepherd. They can learn easily but some are not. Therefore, you should know your dog, give it love and patience.

The simplest and most important actions are come, sit, lay down. These actions are the basis of further training like potty train a dog in the future.


best way to potty train a dog

This is the first command that a puppy needs to know. The way to learn this command is to use it frequently and frequently in different situations. Due to the dogs are not born to resist interference, or they are not born to know when they back return to their owners.
So we start from home, and then gradually to the outside. Call the dog’s name, and add the word “come” or gesture, my gesture is to hook the finger, every time the dog comes, give it a reward, food, praise or touch, pay attention to two points. Firstly, whenever the dog takes the initiative to the owner, praise it, never criticism or even punishment. We need to convey a signal to him that it is a pleasant thing for the dog to be close to you; Secondly, when training outside, don’t call the dog to come and stop playing, instead to call him repeatedly and then go on playing, so that the dog knows that returning to you is not a signal to stop playing.

“Sit down”

best way to potty train a dog

The method is very simple. Take the dog’s favorite food in your hand and put it above the dog’s sight. Then the dog will look back at the food. It will naturally form a sitting position. Every time the dog sits down, you need to say the word “sit”, and then give it the food. It’s better to keep the same gesture so that you can command with the word in the future, or just use gestures. Dogs have a high level of understanding, my dog understood it in a few minutes. Understanding is only the first step, the dog will forget. Which need it practice and consolidate repeatedly. Sometimes some actions will become unfamiliar if they don’t practice for a week. So seize every training opportunity to train it.

“Down” or “Lay”

best way to potty train a dog

Once the dog learns how to sit, it will be simple in the next. When the dog sits down, you hold the food in front of his nose, draws the dog’s attention and starts to guide downward until the food is on the ground. Then the dog follows the food and becomes a lying posture. At this time, you say the “lay” and give it a reward. After that please practice over and over again.

One of the best way to potty train a dog

Dogs can hold their urine for up to six or seven hours after six months old, so it’s normal for them to urinate anywhere before six months. Don’t punish them for this, as they just can’t hold their urine.
Usually, a week can be trained into a habit, the method is to give the dog a strict schedule during the training period, such as every two hours, after each meal to take him to the loo (especially for three months a dog puppy, 10 minutes after meal it is going to urine). You take it to the place where you want him to go to the loo, during it urinates, give him the command “go to the loo” or “toilet”, and give an award to it. If the dog urinates at home accidentally during training, don’t punish it. Clean up and put it in the loo, let the dog smell it and tell it to go toilet. Maybe it is not the best way to potty train a dog, but you can try it.
Because potty train problem usually occurs in puppies, young dogs really need a lot of patience from you. They need companionship, guardianship, and training, just like babies. Here we must advise friends who want to keep dogs to make sure that you have enough time and energy to accompany them during their growing. They are not only cute but also troublesome if they are not given enough training and care, at last, become trouble makers.

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