Welcome to my potty train dog blog!

Welcome to my potty train dog blog!

I am an extraordinary dog-liked girl, I have raised a Labrador dog last year, at that time it just 4 months old, and now it comes to a smart robust partner.

This is my personal blog and a place for me to share my experience with a quick situation I used on my dog training last year. I am a girl who likes the dog very much, so I want my dog to be smart enough to have more fun with me, also I need to potty train it to get rid of the bad behaviors like urinate everywhere. I suppose your guys who raised the dog must have this kind of confusion.

You might be here to learn the best way to potty train a dog (based on my blog title) or you might be here to just learn some tips and tricks to play with your pet joyfully, yeah, you get the right place.

I used multiple methods to train dog and only one of them worked and that’s something I’m going to talk about in this blog. Beside how I potty train my dog, I’m going to share many other things on this special blog, from feeding tips, feeding diet, game methods and more great tips about training dog.

I love dogs so I like to read and do the research about dog training, one of the reasons I created this training blog is to share everything I find useful with you.

Make sure to check out my latest posts and come back for more training tips in future. You can also contact me if you have any questions about my training methods or if you want to hear more detailed story of how I use the best way to potty train a dog.

For now, I’ll leave you with this video:

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