Best Way to Potty Train a dog (How I achieve it and my secret)

Help! My house is full of the smell of pee and shit, potty train is required

You must face the same situation when you raise a dog, it urine or shit everywhere, timber floor, sofa, bed, woo, those are the facts that troubles you. So what should you do then?

Your answer should not be “leave it be”, you can’t tell or command them to go to the loo before you train them and most important is you need to live with them for the next 15year…

Hiring a professional trainer will cost you much

Get your dog to go toilet by self or fetch the papers for you in the morning, that will not take a long time, just a week if you could follow my instructions of potty train correctly.

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Introduction of potty train the dog

Potty train or house-training a dog is one of the most difficult tasks in owning a dog. Dog owners get agitated when dogs are not well potty trained to make it one of the leading reasons dogs are given up to shelters. Potty train a dog requires commitment, consistency and patience. Accidents will occur, but with the strict best way to potty train a dog guidelines, the dog will be house-trained in a short period of time.

So I will give the best way to potty train a dog next

First of all, these based on what I learned after reading this amazing method that gave me amazing achievement between me and my dog.

Establish a schedule

To attain the best way to potty train a dog, you need to establish a regular routine. This will help the dog learn there are times to do its business. In most cases, puppies can hold their bladder up to two hours. This factor should be taken into account when potty train a dog. Take your dog outside as frequently as every two hours. To ensure that fewer accidents happen one should also take their dog out when they wake up, before and after exercise or playing, and after feeding them.

Establishing a schedule also goes for feeding. This will help to create a regular schedule to relieve themselves. When one establishes a feeding routine, consistency in the eliminating is also established, thus making potty training easier. When it comes to drinking water, the water dish should be removed two hours before going to bed. Most dog and puppies can sleep for over seven hours without the need to relieve themselves. If they wake up, take them outside and make sure you don’t play with them to ensure they continue sleeping afterward.

Pick a designated spot

The best way to potty train a dog will also include picking a specific outside spot. You can also come up with a word or phrase to establish what you want them to do. After relieving themselves outside you need to reward this behavior, praise their good behavior or use treats immediately after they are done. Rewarding enables the dog to understand expected conduct. You should also make sure that puppies are done before giving them a treat or praising them since they are easily distracted and might not finish.

Observe your dog or puppy

During potty train a dog you need to ensure they don’t soil indoors. Ensure that they are mostly nearby during the training period. Learn to observe indications of relieving themselves, look for restlessness, barking, scratching the door, circling around you, or squatting. When you observe any indication of relieve, use the leash and guide them to the outdoor spot. During the potty training period, you should also control the dog’s movement indoors and in the yard using a leash. This should be useful until you are satisfied with the results or ascertained that they are reliably potty trained.

Interrupt indoor relieving

During the potty training period, accidents will happen, the most important thing will be to intersect. This can be achieved by making noise and commanding them to go outside. Establish the command by using phrases like “outside” or “out”. Immediately take them to the bathroom spot and reward them with praise or a treat after they are finished. Do not scare or punish the dog for accidentally eliminating in the house. Clean up the soiled area and be patient with the potty train process. Any form of scolding or punishment is not advisable and might delay the process as they avoid eliminating in your presence. Thoroughly clean the area they relieved themselves as dogs tend to eliminate in areas they smell urine. The higher the number of relieves in the house the longer it will take to potty train a dog.

Plan for when you are away.

The entire dog Potty training process relies on availability. Before owning a puppy you should ensure that you are not gone for more than four hours a day. Alternatively, an older potty trained dog will be more suitable. If you have a puppy and have to be gone for more than four hours, ask for the help of a neighbor or professional. This will help you keep the bathroom break schedule. An alternative to this is to potty train them to use a specific spot in the house, which will be devastating to the outside training process. Puppies will often stick to behaviors, such as relieving on newspapers, as adults.

Alternative to outdoor potty train a dog

If a yard is not available and you wish to paper-train your dog use a specific area. This will ensure that the dog does not soil on any newspaper that is lying around. The section that you pick to potty train a dog should be part of a room that is big enough to sleep and play in. Using a sod box or newspaper will help the dog establish the location. Sod boxes can be made from large plastic containers or bought from pet stores. Clean-up also applies when using this method. You can use the soiled paper or rag to mark the potty area since puppies will often prefer relieving in areas with the scent of urine.

best way to potty train a dog

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