Five tricks for potty train a dog

First trick: Get up earlier than the dog, sleep later than the dog. Before the dog gets up and defecates, the dog owner will wake up and take him to the place where defecation is made, so he can’t sleep late.~

Second trick: life is ceaseless, exercise not only dogs after exercise will generally have the habit of defecation, so walking the dog is essential, but also let it develop the habit of outdoor defecation.~

Third trick: The alarm clock rings, rewarding the dog to eat and drink water, almost 15 minutes will have strong thunder defecation desire, so we must take it to the designated defecation position within 15 minutes, and after defecation, give it a strong reward, such as food, toys and so on.

Fourth trick: eat and sleep together and go to the toilet. Don’t leave the dog alone in the place where he defecates. This kind of environment will bring pressure to him. After defecation, give him timely reward.

Fifth trick: dog needs to go on a diet, especially at night.

Hope everyone here could train your lovely dog well.

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