Never say no when training your dog, that will not be a good way.

Never Say No

Never trying to say “no” during training. The word is easy to say from our mouth, but it does not help us much.

best way to potty train a dog

How to do

This is especially important for the training tasks in our book because our challenge is to let the dog think. When we want to say “no” during training, we can’t tell the dog what our real instructions are. And we must not punish dogs because of their incompetence, especially in the potty training. In most cases, a special “wrong” signal is useless (with some exceptions). If the dog is really doing something wrong, the best way to react is to try to ignore this mistake, which means that you don’t do any effective food rewards in 2~3 seconds.

During the training process, you should constantly consider how to be as effective as possible. Make food rewards for the actions the dog makes. This should not only allow the dog to improve the quality of the action, but also make it easier for both of you to complete the task. For example: If you want the dog to complete the task quietly, don’t throw the ball to reward it. If it’s done unexpectedly well, you can do this in the training gap, giving it a special surprise. Also, consider what state the dog is in when making food rewards. In general, it is effective to have a food reward when the dog is in good posture and is ready to start the next exercise. So we patted it to signal action and fed it to indicate the action. It is also important to distinguish between different types of food rewards. The result of an excellent effort should be rewarded with food that the dog likes very much, and good performance should be rewarded with the food it prefers. If even if the dog’s performance is different, you give it the same food as a reward, it will not understand what you want it to do.

Mastering Rhythm Skills

One of the most important skills in the training process is the skill of mastering the rhythm. You need to practice constantly to improve your skills in mastering the rhythm. Everyone can work hard to improve their own rhythm skills! The best way to practice mastery of rhythm skills is not to practice with the dog. It would be very interesting if you practiced with a human partner. For example, every time your partner touches the left ear with his right index finger, you can take a hand. Or your training partner can touch different parts of the head with different fingers. He can start slower at the beginning and then accelerate to match your abilities. Or you can record a sporting event such as football or tennis. Whenever the ball is in contact with a person, try to pause the recording. For example, when a football player kicks a ball, press pause or when the tennis racket hits the tennis ball, press pause, and the like.


These little games can help you improve your observation and ability to master the rhythm, which can help your training. 1000 training methods A thousand kinds of training methods I often say: “There are 1000 possible ways to teach a dog behavior. Of these, 500 are not used because they are inhuman, but there are 500 more training methods. We are The training methods explained here are not unique, there are 499 more training methods.” Such a view also applies to the behavior of training dogs in this book. I can’t imagine how to train them with violence because we want dogs that can think. You can’t use violence to make them think, and violence can only obey them. So my wish is that this book encourages people to think in mind while training dogs, not violence.

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