Share with you a story of someone to potty train a dog, maybe it is best way to you.

Here’s a brief talk with you about the major steps of the potty train schedule. Follow me step by step, and you’ll find that it’s really very simple.

best way to potty train a dog


Prepare the following items: a fixed place for urination (with a pad).

In the beginning, it’s better not to change the position.

– Some rewarding small snack

– Deodorant 

– A good-tempered,

– You need to be patient.


Generally speaking, the accurate excretion time points, and dogs have strong commonalities in excretion time points. You can refer to the following list: after getting up in the morning: possibility 100%. Dogs in deep sleep at night will naturally suffocate urine. Wake up in the morning, and there will be a strong sense of urine and stool. After waking up, the probability of urination is almost 100% depending on whether you have eaten before. When drinking water: the possibility of urination is higher, but it depends on whether there is urination in a short time. Within half an hour after meals: urine is uncertain, but feces are highly probable. Smell the floor hard, even when turning the circle: up to 90%. Unjustified roaring: There are many reasons for general roaring. We need to determine whether it is possible to cause roaring because we want to defecate, but the environment is not satisfied, such as too long in the airbox.

Two methods

There are two ways to potty train a dog, pad: nowhere to go, that is, when it wants to excrete, it has nowhere to go except the toilet location you choose. You can hold it directly to the toilet/mattress and use a simple fence (or other obstacles) to prevent it from leaving the toilet/mattress so that it can excrete in a short time because it has nowhere to go but in the place you choose. Guidance: You stand by the toilet and guide it to the toilet/mat. This method will be the most commonly used after, but in the beginning, the dog may not be able to reach you directly because it can’t hold its urine or don’t understand your intentions, leading to failure, you can use the first method to consolidate.


Waiting for the dog to excrete must be patient. At first, the dog will be at a loss because of confusion. It may stare at you in the toilet or walk around waiting for your command. What you need to do is to wait patiently until its urination goes beyond reason. Of course, the waiting time can be long or short, which requires you to accurately grasp the time it wants to go to the toilet, the more accurate the grasp, the shorter the waiting time, will be twice the result with half the effort.

Gently command

At the same time, gently encourage it to say “come, go to the toilet”, “urine here” in a gentle tone, giving it a calm and mild environment. Note: Don’t let it get too excited or urge it not to frighten it that the above actions will disturb the whole process and make it have a wrong understanding of excretion.

If it succeeds, reward it as soon as it succeeds in excreting at a designated place. Rewards can be: dog food or some common attractive snacks – suitable for the new puppy’s praise/caress – suitable for the owners have established a strong sense of dependence and trust in the dog has a study on the dog’s brain pleasure performance statistics, found that most dogs for the master’s praise/caress and food have the same performance. The excitement, that is to say, not all rewards must be food. But this fact is based on the fact that the dog and the owner have built up a good sense of intimacy and trust. If this condition is not established, the owner’s praise can’t be encouraged. So my suggestion is that for new puppies, they need food.

What can we do if fail to potty train

If we fail, keep quiet and work silently, how to correctly handle our behavior when we fail is also a necessary lesson to it succeed next time. We must make sure that there are no emotional changes, no anger, no blame, no depression, and treat it with a normal mind. It must be mentioned that dogs are innumerable times more sensitive than humans to emotions because they have far more sense of hearing and smell than humans. Your mood changes are completely felt and projected on itself. Don’t catch it in the wrong place, scold or scold it severely. Or don’t let it have negative associations about excretion, or it’s prone to the common habit of the dog eating shit (because it will quickly eliminate what the owner doesn’t like).

Repeated training to improve the accuracy rate needs to reach 80% or more. That is to say, every five urines, at least four accurate urines are in the place you expect.

Gradually reduce the toilet/pad area, which can be used in larger areas at first, and then reduce the area size as the effect gets better and better. Most dogs eventually need only one diaper to defecate.

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